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Parking Enforcement Solution

Increase revenue and decrease cost by enforcing parking rules effectively.

Most municipalities use a paper-based system to enforce regulations. Parking enforcement officers write out tickets in a serialized book; once back at the station these tickets are then entered into the main system by data entry clerks. While this system works, it has many areas where human error, in both typos and illegible handwriting, can open the door to parking citations being lost and/or thrown out in court. In addition, the second step of manual data entry is redundant and time consuming, delaying the process of bringing in revenue.

How Automated Parking Enforcement Works

By automating the process with a Parking Citation eXpress™ , a parking enforcement officer enters all of the information on a handheld device, either through drop-down list functionality, scanning barcodes, or by hand-keying. Once the information is entered, including the location of the violation, the violation type, as well as the violating vehicles information, a citation is printed on a mobile printer, which is then left on the violator’s windshield.

Upon returning to the station, the parking enforcement officer simply drops their mobile computer into its cradle, and the information is transmitted back to the system.What used to take hours to re-enter by hand can now be done in a matter of seconds. This cuts the time it takes a ticket enter into the main system from around 10 days to being entered in at the end of each officers shift.

Typical Parking Enforcement Solution:

  • Parking Citation eXpress™
  • Mobile Printer like the Zebra QLn420
  • Mobile Computer like the Honeywell Dolphin 75e with Two-Way Radio built in
  • GoLive Services™ for an out-of-the-box deployment

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Parking Citation Process: How to Automate the Parking Citations Process

Manual Parking Citation Process

  1. The parking enforcement officer writes down information into a serialized notebook, all information needs to be written out longhand, including location, make and model of car, license plate, and violation type.
  2. No picture can be taken as proof of a violation.
  3. One copy of the ticket is taken out of the book to place on violator’s windshield, one copy for their records, and one copy stays in the book to be entered into the system.
  4. Once back at the station, their book is turned over. Tickets are entered into the system manually leaving the possibility for data entry errors, typos, as well as having to decipher illegible handwriting.
  5. This process can take days even weeks from the time the ticket was written to be entered into the system.

Automated Parking Citation Process

  1. The parking enforcement officer users their portable handheld device to enter in information, scanning the location, using drop-down lists to enter in information including the type of violation, and keying in license plate numbers and other data.
  2. A picture is taken as proof of the violation.
  3. A ticket is then printed out and left on the violator’s windshield; all of the information is stored on the handheld device.
  4. Once back to the station, their handheld device is placed into its docking station where all of the information collected that day is uploaded and placed into the system.
  5. This process is completed the same day, decreasing the amount of time revenue takes be brought into the city/municipality.

Features and Benefits of Our Automated Parking Citation Solution

Features Benefits
Bluetooth Communication: No wires are needed for communication between the handheld and printer. Save Court Fees - By eliminating errors, and taking pictures, challenges in court will be kept to a minimum.
Lightweight & Ergonomic Design - Officers will not have to carry around large, bulky units. Eliminates a long paper trail - All information is stored in a central database that can be accessed at any time, there is no more need to go hunting for tickets in filing cabinets.
Scan Barcodes - Barcodes strategically placed to pinpoint exact location of violations. Eliminates data entry errors - With all information entered on the handheld device, illegibility, typos, and other data entry errors are illuminated.
Bright Color Touchscreen - Easily visible in all types of light. Saves time - Tickets are entered into your system at the end of each shift.
Rugged Casing for Handheld & Printer - Will withstand to the many bumps and bruises that will occur out in the field. Generates Revenue - With all information entered through a portable device, not only will this system save money, but revenue will be generated by having violations entered into the system faster, forcing violators to pay on a more timely basis.
Weather Resistant Tickets - Illegible tickets are a thing of the past.
Pictures - With a picture taken of the violation, having charges dismissed in court will be much more difficult for violators.