Delivery eXpress™

Need a Simple Application for Route-based or On-demand Deliveries?

Introducing Delivery eXpress™ (a CaptureSoft eXpress™ product). Delivery eXpress™ is the simple, fast, and effective way to conduct automated route-based or on-demand deliveries with proof of delivery. Because it’s an eXpress™ product, you will be up and running in hours not weeks. Using Delivery eXpress™, your organization will be able to avoid the headaches, errors, and lost productivity of a manual, paper-based process.

Whether your business makes route-based or on-demand deliveries, Delivery eXpress™ by Barcoding, Inc. can help you:

  • Eliminate Inefficient Paper-Based Processes
  • Handle More Business with Less Effort
  • Improve Accuracy and Profitability
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Collect Authorized Signatures for Delivery Validation (Proof of Delivery)
  • Capture Real-Time Data

A Total Delivery Solution

CaptureSoft eXpress Login Screen

CaptureSoft eXpress Login Screen

At Barcoding, we believe in total solutions. With Delivery eXpress™, we offer you a way to purchase a total delivery solution for one low monthly payment, eliminating the burden of cobbling a solution together yourself.

Our solution includes:

  • Delivery eXpress™ software
  • Compatible hardware based on your users and workflow
  • Our GoLive Services™ to get you up and running immediately

Purchase a total solution for one low monthly payment – and save time and money!

Key Benefits of Delivery eXpress™

  • Track delivered, damaged, and returned inventory. Avoid disputes with customers over whether a package was delivered, and the condition the package was in.
  • Print receipts in the field – allow your drivers to give a customer a receipt with their own signature on it without having to return to a truck-mounted printer.
  • Run reports of time between deliveries, signed for merchandise, and damaged merchandise – use this information. collected on the mobile device with Delivery eXpress™, to plan more efficient routes and reconcile inventory levels.
  • Update daily inventory quantities for sales reporting. Constantly know what products are selling fastest at which locations, allowing your customers to place orders and keep products from selling out.
  • Connect directly to your accounting or ERP system using CaptureSoft eXchange or Web Services using CaptureSoft eXpress Plugins.

Key Features of Delivery eXpress™

  • Collect Data from multiple sources:
    • Keyboard
    • Barcode
    • GPS
    • RFID
    • Handwriting
    • Speech Recognition
  • Touch-Friendly Forms
    • Stylus friendly forms
    • Finger friendly forms
  • Sync Data to multiple Data Repositories
    • Sync with most backend systems (SQL, Oracle, Excel, Etc.)
  • Photo Capture and Inking
    • Support for adding photos with mark-up and notes
  • Online and Offline Data Capture
    • Works in batch and real-time modes
  • Business Rules
    • Add business rules to forms for real-time feedback
  • Compliance
    • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
    • HIPAA Compliant

Eliminate the paper in your delivery process today!

Get Delivery eXpress™ today!