Cycle Count eXpress™

Looking for a better way to conduct cycle counts?cycle count express

Introducing Cycle Count eXpress™ (a CaptureSoft eXpress™ product). Cycle Count eXpress™ is the simple, fast, and effective way to conduct automated cycle counts. Because it’s an eXpress™ product, you will be up and running in hours not weeks. Using Cycle Count eXpress™, your organization will be able to avoid the headaches, errors, and lost productivity of a physical inventory count.

A Total Cycle Counting Solution

At Barcoding, we believe in total solutions. With Cycle Count eXpress™, we offer you a way to purchase a total cycle counting solution for one low monthly payment, eliminating the burden of cobbling a solution together yourself.

CaptureSoft eXpress Login Screen

CaptureSoft eXpress Login Screen

Our solution includes:

  • Cycle Count eXpress™ software
  • Compatible hardware based on your users and workflow
  • Our GoLive Services™ to get you up and running immediately

Purchase a total solution for one low monthly payment – and save time and money!

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Why Cycle Count eXpress™?


Cycle counts are faster and require fewer workers with Cycle Count eXpress™. As a result, inventory is more accurate, order fulfillment is more efficient, regulatory concerns are met, and your customers are happier.


Your workers can work faster and provide you with greater visibility into your warehouses and distribution centers using our Cycle Count eXpress™ application and solution.


Issues with shrinkage and loss within your warehouse can be mitigated with Cycle Count eXpress™ handling your inventory counts.

Key Features of Cycle Count eXpress™

  • Collect Data from multiple sources:
    • Keyboard
    • Barcode
    • GPS
    • RFID
    • Handwriting
    • Speech Recognition
  • Touch-Friendly Forms
    • Stylus friendly forms
    • Finger friendly forms
  • Sync Data to multiple Data Repositories
    • Sync with most backend systems (SQL, Oracle, Excel, Etc.)
  • Photo Capture and Inking
    • Support for adding photos with mark-up and notes
  • Online and Offline Data Capture
    • Works in batch and real-time modes
  • Business Rules
    • Add business rules to forms for real-time feedback
  • Compliance
    • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
    • HIPAA Compliant

Choose more efficient and accurate cycle counting!

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