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Barcoding Inc. provides complete automatic data collection systems for business and government operations. The stories below illustrate just a few of the solutions we offer. To learn more, contact us today!

A Cooler Way of Tracking Temperature-Controlled Freight

Background: H&M Bay, Inc. is the premier logistics provider of frozen and refrigerated Less-than-Truckload (LTL) goods.

Challenge: Existing pallet tracking system was often unreliable, required frequent manual data entry and hampered the receiving process.

Solution: Barcode scanning system from Barcoding, Inc., consisting of handheld scanners, printers, rugged vehicle mounts computers and barcode labels.

Result: Improved efficiency and accuracy in tracking and storing pallets; enhanced worker productivity and expedited the receiving process.

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Large Food Processor Tracks Returnable Bins in Real-time with RFID

Background: A large, global food processor had long relied on wooden bins to hold its picked fruit. The company would send these bins out to its growing sites, where farmers would fill them with produce and bring them to one of eight third-party storage locations. These storage locations would then manually give the fruit an identifier and a lot number, indicating where it came from and other shipment details. This information was printed on a human-readable label and stapled to the bin.

Challenge: Needed real-time tracking capabilities to account for the bins throughout their lifecycle and on a daily basis.

Solution: RFID tracking solution from Barcoding, Inc., consisting of Impinj RFID readers, passive UHF tags, Motorola handheld readers and RFID RealView™ software.

Result: With Barcoding's RFID solution, the food processor is able to accurately track its bins and optimally allocate them to meet the needs of each location. The company has also expedited its physical counting process at the end of the growing season. Instead of sending out three employees to count bins over the course of three weeks, the processor can complete the process in one day with on-site employees. This saves time and resources, while increasing overall productivity.

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Barcoding, Inc.'s Project Management Team Oversees the Deployment of 2,500 New Handhelds for United Rentals

Background: United Rentals is the largest equipment rental company in the world with an integrated network of 896 rental locations in 49 states and 10 Canadian provinces.

Challenge: Replace and deploy hundreds of outdated handheld devices used for route optimization.

Solution: Barcoding, Inc.'s Deployment Project Management Services, Samsung S5s handhelds, equipped with OtterBox® cases and mobile device management (MDM) software.

Result: Successfully replaced 2,500 handhelds across North America and minimized downtime to improve efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity.

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Barcoding, Inc. Automates Azteca Foods' Ability to Track and Trace Pallets

Background: Azteca Foods, Inc. is a family-owned and operated leader in the Mexican foods category.

Challenge: Azteca sought a way to track pallets of goods moving throughout its warehouse by assigning a unique identification numbers to pallets as they come off the line.

Solution: Barcoding, Inc.'s barcode scanning system comprising handheld computers, a customized mobile software application, an internally hosted web service, and network extenders.

Result: Achieved full traceability of pallets moving into its finished goods warehouse, eliminated time-consuming manual data entry processes, and increased accuracy.

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Valley Proteins Takes a Mobile Approach to Inventory Management & Equipment Accountability

Background: Valley Proteins, Inc., is dedicated to improving the environment through the collection, transporting and processing of animal by-products

Challenge: Employees manually performed equipment inventories using paper-based processes.

Solution: Mobile solution comprising Intermec CN70 handhelds, as well as barcode scanners, printers, and labels, and integrated with the back-end SAP system.

Result: Improved inventory accuracy with real-time insight, eliminated manual data entry processes, and achieved accountability for missing parts.

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Canton Port Services Sets Sail for Accuracies and Efficiencies with Barcoding

Background: Canton Port Services, LLC, is a private terminal in the Baltimore Harbor that specializes in handling and storing bulk, project cargo, frozen cargo, unitized break bulk, steel, and non-ferrous metals.

Challenge: Canton Port Services experienced decreased productivity and increased the chance for inaccuracies as a result of manual data entry during receiving, load-out, and customs clearing processes.

Solution: Barcode scanning system consisting of mobile computers, printers, barcode labels, and a customized web-based application developed with Barcoding's CaptureSoft Xpress platform.

Result: Increased data accuracy and integrity and reduced receiving time per unit from 10 minutes to 30 seconds.

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Ole Time Fried Pies Finds a Personalized Solution to Help them Operate Lean

Background: Founded in 2008, Ole' Time Fried Pies is a family-owned baked goods company specializing in producing and distributing "irresistible" pies.

Challenge: With a small staff, manually printing and placing labels on products required extra labor and slowed production.

Solution: Barcoding provided a Zebra Technologies table top printer with a "peel and present" feature.

Result: Ole' Time Fried Pies is producing the same quantity of pies in the same time with 25 percent less personnel.

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Towson University Students Get a Lesson in Barcode Technology

Background: Towson University's mass casualty exercise, or "Operation STAT," is an annual emergency training simulation event hosted by Towson's College of Health Professions.

Challenge: Towson sought a method to measure the efficiency of treating and moving "victims" through the exercise and then use those metrics to set benchmarks for coming years.

Solution: Barcoding provided a patient-tracking solution, consisting of barcoded wristbands, mobile computers, and a customized software application built with Barcoding's CaptureSoft eXpress™ platform.

Result: Towson successfully collected performance data throughout the exercise, created benchmarks, and provided students with a hands-on experience using barcode technology in a lifelike situation.

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United Rentals Case Study

United Rentals shows how using a mix of software solutions from Barcoding, Inc. is sometimes the best approach for improving routing and vehicle utlilization.

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Accord Carton Tracks Pallets in Real Time with RFID

Background: Accord Carton is a third-generation, family-owned producer of unique folding cartons.

Challenge: Time-consuming, manual data entry put Accord Carton at risk for errors. Also, the company was unable to produce pallet-level reports and lacked real-time insight into inventory.

Solution: RFID pallet-tracking solution from Barcoding, featuring RFID RealView™ software, Impinj RFID readers, and system integration with existing ERP and warehouse databases.

Result: Obtained the ability to track and monitor pallet movement in real time, eliminated time-consuming manual data entry, and reported the most accurate inventory levels to date.

Therapy Support Streamlines Delivery Operations

Background: Therapy Support delivers innovative, specialty medical equipment to customers throughout Missouri, Ohio, Texas and Michigan.

Challenge: The company relied solely on a “flow of paper” and needed to streamline operations to improve customer service.

Solution: Handheld computers from Intermec, mobile delivery management software mobilized by Airclic, and Barcoding’s hardware support and asset management services.

Result: Saved an average of 30 minutes per driver by eliminating time-consuming paperwork, improved inventory accuracy, and reduced its billing cycle from eight days to one.

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wineBackground: The Charmer Sunbelt Group (CSG) is one of the nation’s leading distributors of fine wines, spirits, beer and other beverages.

Challenge: As CSG began rolling out a WMS system to streamline its inventory control
process, it needed to upgrade its warehouses to a real-time data collection system.

Solution: Barcoding recommended that CSG use Aerohive’s cooperative control access points (HiveAPs) for cost-effective enterprise-class network management.

Result: Ease of deployment eliminates $7,000 - $8,000 in travel costs per location, and the single, scalable architecture saves $4,000 per access point.

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Comer Distributing Implements a Real-time Route Accounting Solution

comerBackground: Comer Distributing is a wholesale beer distributor that represents many brands of domestic, craft and imported brews from around the world.

Challenge: Comer Distributing needed a solution that would help increase visibility throughout the supply chain, enhance warehouse efficiency, and provide access to real-time information through customized reporting capabilities.

Solution: Rutherford & Associates’ eoStar® route accounting system,
customized for beer distribution, installed on Intermec handheld devices provided by Barcoding, Inc.

Result: Decreased supplier truck check-in times by 30+ minutes per driver, cut inventory time in half, and reduced paper usage by 75%.

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Greensboro Auto Auction Upgrades Mobile Computers to Track Vehicles

Background: Greensboro Auto Auction Inc. (GAA), is a leading independent, dealer exclusive auto auction offering over 2,000 vehicles a week.

Challenge: GAA’s in-house inventory tracking software was running on outdated mobile devices, and its upgraded wireless network had strict requirements for compatibility, thus limiting the number of devices available.

Solution: Psion Workabout Pro G3 rugged computers for managing and tracking vehicles, provided by Barcoding.

Result: Faster processing speeds and zero-downtime for increased worker productivity, and seamless integration with GAA’s new wireless network.

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Family Respiratory & Medical Supply Deploys a New Billing and Inventory Control Solution

oxygen cylinderBackground: Family Respiratory & Medical Supply Corporation, Inc., is a full-service durable medical equipment and oxygen respiratory supplier in the top 3%
of the country in billing.

Challenge: The company needed an equipment tracking, inventory and billing solution that could meet stringent federal and state regulations, and improve efficiencies to achieve maximum growth potential.

Solution:  A mobile proof of delivery (POD) solution from Barcoding, as part of
a new billing and inventory control system, along with Intermec CN50 mobile computers.

Result: Real-time inventory accountability with error ratios of .001 or less, reduced receiving time by 80-85%, and cut paperwork by 90%.

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JJ Taylor Upgrades Their Route Accounting Solution

JJ Taylor Route AccountingBackground: J.J. Taylor Distributing Company is a distributor for many import and domestic beer and malt beverage products.

Challenge: J.J. Taylor’s legacy route accounting package limited its drivers’ ability to provide customer service at the point of delivery and hindered communication between sales representatives and the main office.

Solution:  A new route accounting system from Barcoding – an application installed on mobile computers, SQL-based EoStar software from Rutherford, and a mobile printer.

Results: J.J. Taylor combined its route accounting, pre-sale, and warehouse module into one large application that runs in real time so that managers can see where all of their products are, run reports detailing time between deliveries, and enhance customer service.

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Georgia Boll Weevil Implements Track and Trace with CaptureSoft eXpress Solution

Intermec CN3Background: The Boll Weevil Eradication program is a cooperative effort in which the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and State officials work with cotton growers to eradicate the boll weevil, in incremental stages, from the U.S.

Challenge: The foundation required a way to more easily and accurately track each boll weevil trap set, in order to map locations revealing trends in boll weevil activity.

Solution: Barcoding’s CaptureSoft eXpress running on mobile computers.

Results: The foundation can plot and monitor the traps, and generate a straightforward graphical map of the current population of boll weevils.

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McNeilus Steel upgrades process to improve efficiency

Background: McNeilus Steel is a family-owned full line steel distributor and processor.

Challenge: The steel supplier needed to improve order accuracy, manage inventory in real time, and track and document mill test certificates.

Solution: Mobile computers and both industrial and mobile printers.

Results: Increased order accuracy by 2%, improved order fulfillment rates, reduced credits issued for mis-shipments, and met customer requirements for mill test certificates.

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Power Fasteners Implements Fully Automated Shipping, Receiving and Inventory Solution

Powers Fasteners - CK31Background: Powers Fasteners is a global company specializing in manufacturing and marketing quality anchoring and fastening products for concrete, masonry, and steel.

Challenge: Powers Fasteners’ inventory was often one or two days behind, and had many inaccuracies.

Solution:  A fully automated system for receiving, shipping, and inventory management in the warehouse, including Intermec CK31 rugged handheld computers, Cisco wireless infrastructure, and Zebra QL420 portable printers.

Results: Reduced data inventory errors by 50%, increased inventory accuracy by 80%, acquired the ability to update inventory in real-time.

Telecom Bermuda Utilizes RFID to Track Materials in Transit

Telecom Bermuda RFID Solution

Background: Telecom Bermuda provides world-class telecommunications services and equipment to Bermuda public safety agencies, the Bermuda Government, and the construction industry.

Challenge: One of Telecom’s sister companies, East End Asphalt (EEA), had to manually count large quantities of raw materials for its asphalt operations during an unloading process that often took days.

Solution: Barcoding’s RFID yard management solution, comprising a mobile RFID reader that automatically counts trucks entering and leaving both the dock yard as well as the company’s two outdoor facilities.

Results: East End Asphalt workers can better allocate its resources, without having to stand guard and count trucks for three days, saving valuable time in both labor and resources.

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Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT RFID Check In / Check Out

CaptureTech RFID Interpreter

Background: The Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE) at MIT is one of the university’s largest interdepartmental academic research centers.

Challenge: Staff at RLE had difficulty locating files within its two storage rooms, as there was no access control for what went in and out of storage.

Solution: Barcoding provided a document tracking system using and RFID interpreter in conjunction with a custom software application.

Results: RLE eliminated manual, time-consuming searches for files, and consolidated all its files into one room.

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Northwest Georgia Medical Group Keeps Inventory in Check

Zebra 2844Background: Northwest Georgia Georgia Medical Group is a medical practice in Calhoun, Ga.

Challenge:  The firm sought a solution to help keep necessary medical supplies in stock at all times, avoid ordering duplicate items, and reduce inventory time.

Solution:  Stockroom Inventory Software installed on mobile data collectors along with a barcode scanner and mobile printer.

Results: Northwest Georgia Medical Group improved the efficiency of Northwest Georgia Medical Group’s inventory management operations, ensuring that the materials that the doctors and nurses need are available at all times.

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New England Motor Freight Upgrades Their Route Accounting Solution

Symbol MC9060Background: New England Motor Freight (NEMF) is a family-owned less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier, based in Elizabeth, N.J.

Challenge: NEMF needed to upgrade its handheld terminals and introduce an enhanced fleet management system that could help plan routes more efficiently and expand the lines of communication between drivers and dispatchers.

Solution: Barcoding installed fleet management software on NEMF's existing backbone, and ran the software on mobile computers, using thin client terminal emulation.

Results: Decreased transportation cost, streamlined route planning, and improved customer satisfaction

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Gulf Coast Outpatient Surgery Center Keeps Tabs on Their Stockroom

Background: Gulf Coast Outpatient Surgery Center (GCOSC) is one of the leading outpatient surgery centers in Mississippi.

Challenge: GCOSC’s time-consuming, manual method of tracking stockroom inventory led to wasted money on unnecessary orders and equipment shortages.

Solution: Barcoding provided stockroom inventory software, and installed portable data collectors, handheld barcode scanners, and mobile printers.

Results: By automating its inventory tracking, GCOSC reduced excessive inventory, reduced the time for taking inventory, and acquired the ability to easily submit accurate end-of-year inventory reports.

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Fujifilm Deploys Custom Software to Aid Workers Manufacturing Film

FujifilmBackground: Fujifilm is known as the world's largest photographic and imaging company.

Challenge: A step in Fujifilm’s manufacturing process required employees to manually enter the work in process (WIP) of each roll of film, and then walk a considerable distance between the film storage and computer repeatedly – a time-consuming process.

Solution: A custom application, written by Barcoding, integrated with mobile computers and the client’s host PC. 

Results:  Fujifilm’s workers are more productive, and each transaction takes less time. Workers have the mobility to bring the scanner to the barcodes, rather than taking each piece of film to the computer for data entry.

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Baker & Taylor Tracks In-Store Inventory of Movie and Music Recordings

Video StoreBackground: Baker & Taylor distributes movies and music recordings to retail stores nationwide.

Challenge: Before implementation, Baker & Taylor employees had to physically visit each store, hand count inventory and submit paperwork to the corporate office, increasing chances of inaccurate data and human error.

Solution: A custom in-store inventory collection terminal powered by a mobile computer, which automatically prompts employees to identify location, products and product condition.

Results: Baker & Taylor increased data integrity, and is able to correctly identify quantities and collect data in a timelier manner.

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American Mills Uses Terminal Emulation to Automate Inventory Management

BeddingBackground: American Mills is a privately owned manufacturer of home textile products for major retail stores and gift shops throughout the United States.

Challenge: The company wanted to automate its inventory management operations and track materials throughout the manufacturing process.

Solution: Barcoding deployed mobile computers in DOS-based terminals and expanded the existing wireless network, while American Mills developed software inventory applications in-house.

Results: Within six weeks, American Mills was able to account for the exact quantities and locations of raw materials and finished goods, in addition to knowing which orders had been loaded for shipment onto which trailers.

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London Fog Stays in the Forefront of Fashion with New Wireless and Mobile Systems

Background: Based in Seattle, London Fog is a premiere provider for outerwear, rainwear and accessories sold at fine department stores and specialty retailers nationwide.

Challenge: London Fog faced the challenge of upgrading its inventory, shipping and receiving hardware and updating applications to accommodate greater wireless flexibility and allow for future technology developments.

Solution: Implementation of a new inventory management system and a direct sequence wireless local area network for increased Ethernet speed and compliance by using portable data terminals.

Results: The new system allowed London Fog to process data in real time, improving operational efficiency and overall customer satisfaction while seamlessly transitioning to a new wireless network.

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