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Managed Services

The suite of services that Barcoding has developed will provide you with efficient management of your network, software, and hardware devices, resulting in less down time and more productivity from your workers.

Technical Support/Help Desk

Barcoding's Technical Support Team is dedicated to resolving issues as efficiently as possible.

Our ability to troubleshoot software, hardware, network, or communication issues is paramount to ensuring the delivered solution provides the highest possible return on investment.

Remote Device Management

Remote device management allows our technicians to monitor your devices "from afar". This efficient means of support enables us to perform firmware updates and software upgrades, document high-risk issues, uncover potential problems before they arise, and "control" a device, if necessary, in order to resolve any issues that your workers may be experiencing.

WWAN Activations

Barcoding can also manage the activations of your deployed devices by serving as an intermediary between your organization and your cellular providers, to include AT&T/Cingular, Sprint/Nextel, Verizon, and T-Mobile. This complete service consists of activating, deactivating, and managing these plans as part of your roll-out.

RMA Issue & Tracking

Barcoding provides you with the ability to open cases, generate RMA's, and track their progress as they move through our system. This option is typically used after the normal troubleshooting process has been exhausted and it is determined to be a hardware failure.

Spare Pool Management (Hot Swap)

Barcoding houses a spare pool inventory to accurately and quickly respond to replacement as well as additional user requests.

Having a pool of spare devices at your fingertips gives you payment flexibility for lengthy repairs while still having the convenience of next-day replacement service. When an RMA is issued to either replace or fix a defective device, a "Hot Swap" spare will be shipped overnight to your facility to minimize downtime. This device is not only preloaded with your software applications, but it is also configured to your network, making it "ready to go" upon delivery.


An image of your device that contains the loaded software applications and user-configured settings will be kept on file at Barcoding to expedite repairs and equipment returns to your location.

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