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Route Accounting and RTLS

Routing Software Overview

Route Accounting is a term used to describe those applications in which goods and services are bought and sold in a mobile environment. A Route Account system allows a single representative to efficiently serve the customer, to accept purchase orders, issue invoices, and to collect payments. Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) allow you to keep track of your drivers and choose the most efficient travel route for them to take.

With a Barcoding Inc. Route Accounting Solutions, you can provide the highest level of customer service and increase the number of sites a driver can visit each day.

Routing Software Solutions

  • AeroScout - RTLS

    AeroScout Logo

    Truck, trailer and container departure and arrival times at hubs and other destinations can be monitored in real-time. By maintaining accurate and real-time visibility of roll-cages and shipping containers moving in between distributed hubs and locations, the efficiency and speed of delivery services can be significantly improved.

    Sensitive products can also be monitored throughout the supply chain (i.e. temperature monitoring of pharmaceutical products) to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.

    More about AeroScout Solutions

  • Apacheta - Enterprise Delivery Solution

    Apacheta Logo

    RouteACE is a mobile sales, delivery and merchandising solution for the consumer package goods industry that enables customers to reduce errors and costs, open new revenue opportunities, optimize distribution logistics, improve worker productivity, and streamline inventory.

    RouteACE offers customizable workflows to automate processes for drivers, sales people, merchandisers, checkers, and loaders.

    More about Apacheta RouteACE

  • Rutherford - eoStar DSD Software

    Rutherford Logo

    eoStar is a fully-integrated distribution and route accounting application solution. Rutherford designed eoStar as a core application foundation to manage all back-office, warehouse and route management functions. eoStar is available with advanced reporting both for small and mid-sized distributors as eoStar Workgroup and for large multi-site distributors as eoStar Enterprise.

    More about Rutherford eoStar

  • UPS Logistics - MobileCast Real Time Delivery Tracking

    UPS Logistics Logo

    MobileCast gives you the opportunity to see your routes in real time with GPS tracking, manage by exceptions, and make sure your plan is as good as the reality.  Having information on where your drivers are, when they will make deliveries, and any changes to route plans is critical to properly manage your transportation business.

    MobileCast works hand in hand with wireless voice and data networks, GPS, and the MobileCast Server.

    More about UPS Logistics MobileCast

A Typical Route Accounting Solution


Symbol MC9090 Handheld ComputerMotorola MC75
The Motorola MC75 handheld mobile computer is a great choice for workers seeking a rugged device that can withstand a beating, but with a low profile conducive to mobile computing. The extensive communication options allow workers to communicate via voice and data simultaneously from anywhere. This is a versatile mobile device that is equally at home in the warehouse as it is on the road.


Apacheta RouteACE
Using a modular architecture, Apacheta RouteACE lets you provide different tasks and workflows based on different user types or distribution processes. RouteACE integrates easily into existing back-office solutions including SAP, Microsoft Great Plains, and Oracle, as well as vehicle tracking and vehicle information systems.


Barcoding Inc. Professional ServicesBarcoding Inc. Professional Services
Barcoding Inc.'s Professional Services division is a team of highly experienced individuals providing industry leading support and service for all data collection needs. Utilizing leading technology our team of experienced professionals produce accurate results – every time.

  • Professional Site Surveys
  • Certified Wireless Installations
  • Consulting and Project Management
  • Pre-Staging and configuration of your equipment
  • On-Site personnel/repair
  • Experienced 24/7 Technical Call Center
  • Repair Center

Do You Need Route Accounting Software?

Four Common Route Accounting Situations

  • Delivery – delivering products to the customer.
  • DSD (Direct Store Delivery) – delivering products to the store possibly even stocking their shelves with your products.
  • Pre-Sales – visiting the store to assess what the customer has been selling and what they need to buy.
  • Peddle Sales – taking pre-sale one step further and actually carrying stock of products in your trucks to make spot sales.

Route Accounting is important in the operation of delivering short shelf-life products to businesses on a regular basis. Being able to provide a customer with a single representative that assists them in all aspects of the buying process from the initial purchase order to settling an invoice gives your customer the service and support they look for in your company.

Benefits of Route Accounting

  • Track delivered, damaged, and returned inventory - avoid disputes with customers over whether a package was delivered, and the condition the package was in
  • Create and edit invoices - reduce the time between delivery and payment, you can even accept payments in the field
  • Print receipts in the field - allow your drivers to give a customer a receipt with their own signature on it without having to return to a truck-mounted printer
  • Run reports of time between deliveries, signed for merchandise, and damaged merchandise - use this information to plan more efficient routes and reconcile inventory levels
  • Update daily inventory quantities for sales reporting - constantly know what products are selling fastest at which locations, allowing your customers to place orders and keep products from selling out
  • Connect directly to your accounting or ERP system - by allowing all information to be shared you can spend less time crunching numbers and more time making money

Customize Your Routing Solution

Barcoding Inc. has implemented Route Accounting systems for dozens of customers and each has special considerations. We have the solution for you, whether you operate a group of 10 pickup trucks or a fleet 5,000 tractor trailers, we can meet your needs.

Barcoding Inc. offers packaged software for route accounting that allows you to monitor deliveries and inventory, issue on-site invoices, take note of damaged items, and accept payments of cash, checks, or credit cards in the field. Barcoding Inc. also produces custom, or semi-custom, route accounting packages through our Software Services Group.

In order to customize a Route Accounting solution to your specific needs, you will need to speak with one of our highly trained representatives. Please, call us at 888.412.7226 for more information about what our Route Accounting solutions can do for you.

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motorola symbol mc75 The Motorola Symbol MC75 handheld mobile computer is a great choice for workers seeking a rugged device that can withstand a beating, but with a low profile conducive to mobile computing.

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