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RFID Readiness Kits

The promise of RFID technology is that it can improve almost any company’s workflow, however the RFID market is still young and many companies are remaining cautious. Barcoding Inc.'s RFID Kits address the three main reasons why companies seek RFID technology:

  • Mandates
    The first reason is by mandate, both Wal-Mart and the DoD are mandating their suppliers ship product to them with RFID tags applied to the pallets and cases. In this case, you would want our Slap & Ship kit.
  • Experimentation
    The second reason is by way of experimentation. Perhaps you have already identified a procedure that RFID can make more efficient, but need to experiment on a small scale before you can deploy the technology across your enterprise, to experiment with RFID you would want our RFID Evaluation/Lab Kit.
  • Preparing for the Future
    The third reason is to be ready for future involvement in RFID. You are already using automated data collection devices or you may have identified areas within your organization that would benefit from automated data collection, so you want to purchase new hardware that is firmware upgradeable to RFID when you are ready. To prepare for the future you will want our RFID Readiness Kit.

RFID evaluation kits are designed to help companies to understand Radio Frequency Identification technology and to set-up a working model of an RFID system.

RFID is easy to demonstrate and most companies can set-up a working model. It is more difficult to deploy a production system because there are many factors that can affect the radio waves, such as metal beams and legacy phone systems. To implement a full RFID system in your facility please contact a Barcoding Inc. representative who will schedule an RFID site survey. The site survey report provides a detailed explanation of what you need to do to implement a system, and identifies any possible sources of radio interference.

RFID Site Survey Kit

CaptureTech has developed an RFID Site Survey Kit that makes it possible for companies to expand their business by providing professional RFID Site Surveys. This is the perfect way for a company that provides RF surveys to take the next step in their service offerings. The kit contains all necessary hardware and documentation describing how to perform a proper site survey and reusable deliverable templates.

Read more about the CaptureTech RFID Site Survey Kit

Receive a ten page report on RFID Systems: complimentary download.

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