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Symbol - 21-32665-15

Symbol UBC 2000 Battery Adapters

Symbol UBC 2000 Battery Adapters

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UBC2000 Adapter for the P460 (Requires a Charger Kit)

The UBC 2000 Universal Battery Charger from Symbol Technologies protects and maximizes your investment in battery-powered scanners and terminals with an environmentally friendly operationally sound battery recharging and conditioning system. It's essential for transportation logistics management retail public safety warehousing and other organizations whose operations depend on multiple battery-powered devices to capture process and communicate data. Because the UBC 2000 can be used in a stand-alone configuration as well as the traditional multi-slot approach the UBC 2000 saves on equipment costs by eliminating the need for a separate cradle to recharge each of your terminals. With its four charging slots the UBC 2000 has the capacity you need to keep freshly charged batteries ready for operation. It's also highly flexible - the same UBC 2000 recharges all of the most widely used battery chemistries - NiCad nickel metal hydride and lithium ion - as well as battery packs for Symbol products beginning with the popular 3000 Series and continuing through the latest terminals and scanners. With the UBC 2000 you'll also be protecting the life of your batteries. Throughout a battery's life various usage patterns and conditions may cause it to deliver less than its fully rated capacity. Whenever you notice a decrease in the life of the battery but no more than once every other week simply insert the battery into the charging system and press the Condition cycle button. This initiates an automatic process where 100% of the battery capacity is completely discharged and a recharge cycle to full capacity is completed. This deep discharge-recharge cycle exercises the battery eliminating those conditions that may cause it to underperform. As a result you get longer more consistent performance from your batteries.

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