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Telxon 960SL

On December 1, 2000 Symbol acquired Telxon Corporation, subsequently Symbol was acquired by Motorola. As a result, new Telxon equipment is no longer available, and finding companies to service Telxon devices has become a challenge because Telxon spare parts are hard to find.

Barcoding Inc. has the capability to repair Telxon equipment, however the cost to repair this equipment may be more than the cost to replace the equipment due to the rising cost in spare parts and the lost time in productivity because of outdated equipment.

Barcoding Inc. can walk you through the replacement process, helping you to understand when it is the right time to refresh your old equipment, and how to replace equipment without interrupting your daily operations.

Telxon equipment once ruled the warehouse, and has been replaced by sleeker, faster, and more efficient equipment such as the Motorola MC9090 and MC9500.

How to migrate your products

If you're looking to upgrade your products, these are some of the newer equipment that can replace your existing Telxon equipment - contact us for more information on upgrading, and information on possible buy-back or rebate programs for upgrading.

Telxon Equipment Comparable Replacements

Telxon Data Collection Terminals

Telxon PTC 750
Telxon PTC 912
Telxon PTC 960 MC9090
Telxon PTC 960LE MC9090 or MC9500
Telxon PTC 1140 MC75
Telxon PTC 620 MC3000
Telxon PTC 710 MC75
Telxon PTC 750-IM VC 5090
Telxon PTC 860 IM MC9500

Telxon Scanners

Telxon 5313 Laser Scanners LS3408
Telxon 5300 Laser Scanners LS3408


Contact Barcoding Inc. for assistance with Telxon equipment.

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