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About Metrologic

MetrologicMetrologic Instruments, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets barcode scanning and high-speed automated data capture solutions using laser, holographic and vision-based technologies. Metrologic offers expertise in linear and two dimensional bar code reading, optical character recognition-compatible image lift, parcel dimensioning and singulation detection for customers in retail, commercial, manufacturing, transportation & logistics, as well as postal & parcel delivery industries.

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Metrologic Product Offerings

In addition to producing more than 500,000 scanners and vision systems in 2002, the company also provides laser beam delivery and control systems to semi-conductor and fiber optic manufacturers, provides highly sophisticated opto-electronic, opto-mechanical, laser vision and atmospheric compensation systems to military, government and science agencies, and offers a complete line of educational laser products.

Barcoding Inc. and Metrologic

Barcoding Inc. uses Metrologic products to build warehouse management systems. From industrial barcode readers, to high-speed in-line scanners, Metrologic has the hardware technology needed to develop top quality warehouse management systems.

Featured Metrologic Scanner

Laser Barcode Scanner

Laser Barcode ScannerProduct Summary:

Metrologic's MS9520 Voyager is an advanced auto-trigger, single line laser bar code scanner that is equally effective hand held or in the stand for presentation scanning.

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Product Features:
  • Automatic trigger
  • PowerLink, user-replaceable cables
  • Adjustable stand
  • Firmware updates via Flash ROM
  • Custom edit the barcode data
  • Short-range and long-range activation
  • RSS-14 decoding capability

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