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Intermec Honours Partner Premier Partner logoIntermec Inc. (NYSE:IN) is a leader in global supply chain solutions and in the development, manufacture, and integration of wired and wireless automated data collection, Intermec RFID (radio frequency identification), mobile computing systems, bar code printers, and label media. The company's products and services are used by customers in many industries to improve productivity, quality, and responsiveness of business operations, from supply chain management and enterprise resource planning to field sales and service.

Intermec supply chain information systems allow companies to compile previously unheard of amounts of information from one end of an enterprise to the other. Companies use that information to reduce inventory, cut labor costs, speed manufacturing and improve profitability. For example, Intermec products and services allow major automakers to track components and parts through assembly, hospitals to track equipment and supplies, e-commerce companies to speed fulfillment, and shoppers to automate purchases.

Intermec Product Offerings

Intermec develops, manufactures, and integrates wired and wireless automated data collection, Intellitag® RFID (radio frequency identification), and mobile computing systems for companies worldwide. Intermec's total solution approach offers companies assurance that, with Intermec's network of leading technology partners, Intermec and its team can provide complete answers to companies' supply chain information requirements, from conception to completion.

Barcoding Inc. and Intermec

Intermec is one of the largest manufacturers of barcode-based data collection equipment. As an Intermec Platinum Level Partner, Barcoding Inc. teams with Intermec to provide the best possible solution for many different applications, including route accounting, warehouse management, and field service. Barcoding Inc. sells the complete line of Intermec barcode scanners, RFID readers, printers, and mobile computers.

Featured Intermec Product

CK61 Mobile Computer

Intermec 740Product Summary:

Intermec’s CK61 mobile computer provides everything required by the most demanding environments — a rugged design, all-day battery capacity, next generation processor technologies, and non-volatile storage combine to provide years of reliable service. The Intermec CK61 does it all.

Rugged, Tested Design
The CK61 and CK60 utilize a magnesium top cover and tough rubber bumpers at each corner to achieve extremely rugged environmental specifications. To ensure years of trouble-free service, the case is sealed against water and dust to IP64 standards and can withstand repeated 6’ drops.

Data Storage
Onboard non-volatile memory, called persistent storage, preserves applications and databases, even if the batteries become depleted. An additional 128MB persistent storage, an exclusive feature of the CK61, enables storage of large enterprise databases and applications. The CK60 also offers an SDIO card slot supporting removable storage cards, which allows easy recovery of data from a damaged unit, or even more onboard capacity for the largest databases.

Choice of Operating System
The CK61 is available with either Microsoft® Windows CE 5.0 or Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 software for Pocket PC. Microsoft Windows CE provides significant flexibility to those customers who wish to control the user experience. Microsoft Windows Mobile offers a standard platform which can easily be applied across the enterprise. Both operating systems are supported by advanced software development tools, as well as Intermec’s Developer Library, providing easy integration of unique hardware capabilities into custom applications.

Easy, Comfortable Operation
The QVGA resolution display features a touch screen, allowing the CK61 to run both text-based and graphical interface applications. Mobile workers are able to quickly enter large amounts of data using the numeric keypad featuring large, easy-to-use keys and excellent tactile feel. Suitable for both one- and two-handed input, the keypad is designed to last the life of the unit.

Flexible Compatibility
The CK61 provides multiple ways in which data may be exchanged between the handheld computer and other devices. High-speed Ethernet, USB Host and Client, and RS232 serial connections are standard on every unit, as is Bluetooth® wireless personal area communications. The CK61 may be optionally equipped with a Cisco Compatible, WiFi-certified 802.11a/b/g radio for local area wireless communications.

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Intermec CK61 Features:
  • Rugged design offers years of reliable service
  • Choice of Windows® CE 5.0 or Windows Mobile® 5.0 operating system
  • Optional 128MB RAM, 64MB RAM standard
  • 128MB of non-volatile storage protects valuable data
  • QVGA display with touch screen enables both text-based and graphical interface applications
  • Choice of advanced, integrated Intermec imaging technologies
  • Cisco® Compatible 802.11a/b/g radio with choices of industry standard wireless security protocols

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