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Mobile Software Applications


Intermec 700 Beer Distribution

In the past handheld units were operating on a DOS-based system with limited features and functionality. Today's devices run on Windows Mobile and Windows CE.Net backbones and offer the complete functionality of a Windows Operating system on a handheld device.

Barcoding offers industry-leading software applications for fleet management, route accounting, and other field mobile applications.

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Mobile Software Applications

CaptureSoft ServiceCall

CaptureSoft Service Call Software

Service Call is software that allows service reps to view and update customer information, and service tickets, on mobile data collection devices, while in the field. It is comprised of three separate elements: Service Call for Windows Mobile devices, and Scheduler and Gatekeeper for office computers.

Route Accounting Software

Route Accounting Software

Barcoding's route accounting software package delivers powerful tools to your field sales force, delivery fleet, warehouses, and front and back-office operations. It is designed for the needs of food and beverage route wholesale and distribution operations. Users include leading direct store delivery (DSD) organizations that deliver all brands of beer, wine, and spirits, as well as fresh and packaged foods to retailers.

Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management Software

Creating route plans that optimize and balance delivery, profitability, and customer service can be challenging. Good plans must take into consideration time windows, open/close time, re-loads, and equipment restrictions.

Barcoding's Fleet Management Software allows you to optimize and balance delivery, profitability, and customer service through routing efficiency.

Symbol MC70 with Push to Talk


Barcoding's push-to-talk technology saves precious time and increases productivity. Workers use their existing wireless data collection devices to communicate directly with one another with just a push of a button. No longer is there a need for workers to carry two or more devices. Existing data collection device now has the added functionality of a walkie-talkie or a phone.

Intermec 730

Mobile Environmental Data Collection Platform (MEDCP)

Barcoding Inc.’s MEDCP (Mobile Environmental Data Collection Platform) allows for real-time, paperless, data collection, and wireless communication of survey equipment that provide data readings during environmental incidents. This solution is targeted at organizations seeking to collect environmental readings and data pertinent to bio-terrorism incidents as well as NEMA and NTSB situations.


For more information on mobile software applications, please contact Barcoding Inc.

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