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Mobile Computing Solutions: Extend the Enterprise

Bringing your Enterprise to the Mobile Worker

Organizations go to great lengths to create policies, procedures, systems, and safeguards to build consistency and efficiency into their processes. But these controls and consistencies are often left behind when mobile workers step outside the four walls.

For most businesses, mobile operations represent the greatest remaining opportunity to improve efficiency, responsiveness, and profitability through automation. The benefits to mobile automation are well documented, and are available to practically any organization that delivers, sells, or provides service. Consider:

  • Companies that implement mobile sales force automation (SFA) systems are 1.5 times more likely to improve sales force productivity than those who do not.
    74% of companies who implemented mobile SFA said they increased revenue as a result of the system.
  • Only 22% of top-performing field service operators use paper-based operations.
  • Field service automation produces an average 18% increase in service revenues and 9% reduction in repair time.
  • 60% of companies who implemented fleet mobility technology said it increased customer retention; 75% said it improved mobile worker productivity.
  • In DSD operations, automated processes reduce receiving and verification time by 60%.*

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Mobile computing solutions let you extend enterprise systems to the field so mobile workers can exchange information whenever and wherever it’s needed. Automation spares skilled service staff and busy delivery drivers from time-consuming data entry. It streamlines office operations as well, and gives you unprecedented visibility and control over mobile operations. Cell phones and PDAs are no longer enough to create a competitive advantage.

There are typically five main components to a successful mobile implementation:

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*Sources: points 1-5, Aberdeen Group; point 6: Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA)

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