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What is AIDC?

Automated Identification and Data Capture (Auto-ID Data Capture; AIDC) refers to the methods of identifying objects, collecting data about them, and entering that data directly into computer systems (i.e. without human involvement). Technologies typically considered as part of AIDC include bar codes, RFID, biometrics, magnetic stripes, OCR, smart cards, and voice recognition. AIDC is also referred to as “Automatic Identification” or “Auto-ID”. [Source: Wikipedia]

Barcoding 101

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History of the Bar Code

Supermarkets are a perilous business. They must stock thousands of products in scores of brands and sizes to sell at painfully small markups. Keeping close track of them all, and maintaining inventories neither too large nor too small, is critical. Yet, for most of this century, as stores got bigger and the profusion on the shelves multiplied, the only way to find out what was on hand was by shutting the place down and counting every can, bag, and parcel... [Read the full history of the barcode]

Advanced AIDC Concepts

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