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How much does an RFID tag cost?

RFID tags can cost as little as 50 cents or as much as $50 depending on the type of tag, the application and the volume of the order.

Generally speaking, finished smart labels that can be applied to cases and pallets typically cost 30 cents or more, depending on volume. Active tags - those with a battery - can cost far more. And if you bundle in a sophisticated sensor, the cost can rise to more than $100 per tag.

The cost of the tag can not be the determining factor however when looking at RFID technology. While some tags may cost upwards of $50, the return on the investment may bet ten-fold. For instance, some railroad companies are using $40 tags that are mounted on rail cars. These tags can be reprogramed thousands of times meaning the cost of each time that tag is read and written too is less than one cent. The ROI in that case is tremendous for the rail company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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