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Barcode Systems: Extend the Enterprise

What can implementing a Barcode System do for you?

Look closely into any competitive business and you’ll find barcodes visible at all stages of operations – accurately identifying raw materials, tracking work in process, managing inventory, directing shipments, and providing lifetime identification for service and warranty management. The benefits are clear too – accurate information, real-time visibility, and a highly productive work force.

These benefits show up in many ways:

  • Research found that companies who support their enterprise resource planning with real-time automated data collection achieve a 50% higher return on their ERP investment than those who do not.
  • Warehouse operations supported with wireless barcode input commonly achieve 99.x% inventory accuracy.
  • Experienced typists make one error approximately every 300 keystrokes. Entering data by barcode scanning keeps errors – and the time and labor needed to resolve them – out of operations.
  • Practically any business can take advantage of barcoding to free up workers and reduce the paperwork needed to manage assets, supplies and shipments.

It’s clear to see how organizations rely on barcoding to keep errors and inefficiency out of their operations. What’s less clear is all that goes in to making barcode systems reliable and effective.

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How do you know:

  • What’s the best barcode symbology to encode the information needed in the space available?
  • Which printer and label materials will be reliable in your different usage environments?
    • What kind of scanning and industrial computing systems can capture and record the barcode information every time?
  • How can it all integrate in real-time with inventory control, WMS, materials management and other enterprise applications?

The success or failure of a barcode project relies on these questions. Proven expertise in these issues is why companies rely on Barcoding Inc. to get exactly the barcode solutions they need.

A Barcode-based data collection system will typically be comprised of any or all of the following components:

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Barcode Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the more commonly asked questions about barcode-based data collection systems.

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