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VAR - Reseller Mobile App Expert Interview: Martin Jack, CTO of Barcoding

What is a VAR? Its a value added reseller. They bring technology and expertise to businesses to improve processes. First up in this VAR mobility expert series is none other then - Martin Jack, CTO of Barcoding, Inc.

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RFID & The Internet of Things - How Your Supply Chain Can Leverage this Technology

Featuring Tom O’Boyle, Barcoding, Inc. and McLeod Williamson, Zebra Technologies

The “Internet of Things” is more than an industry buzzword- it is a concept that is quickly becoming a reality. For supply chains in particular, the Internet of Things represents a new era of ubiquitous visibility in which everything is interconnected with unique identifiers. One of the key technologies enabling this “turbo visibility” and helping supply chains maximize efficiencies is radio frequency identification (RFID).

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Active Prevention Means Cost Reduction in Fleet Management

Fleet management is often considered a reactive activity. Analyzing behavioral patterns, sifting through data analytics and calculating service level agreements justify managerial decisions and spending patterns. The question is: could they have been avoided altogether? Could those cost centers have been reduced and budget allocated more effectively?

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RFID and the Supply Chain: Measured progress

The RFID market is showing signs of steady growth as companies work to achieve a meaningful return on investment in specific areas of given processes. Featuring insights from Tom O'Boyle, Barcoding, Inc.'s director of RFID.

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RFID Is a Wireless Wonder

RFID technology is quickly transforming the supply chain world and its various applications are speeding up numerous processes and taking parcel monitoring to a new level. On page 26 in Supply Chain Digital magazine. Features Barcoding, Inc. director of RFID, Tom O'Boyle.

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You Can Run but You Can't Hide

Telemetry can eliminate the "black holes" and provide increased visibility. Thanks to falling chip costs and a change in business strategy, RFID technology is rebounding to play a major role in the widening world of telemetry. Features Barcoding, Inc. director of RFID, Tom O'Boyle.

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Applying Systems Thinking in the Warehouse Environment

The warehouse environment is a microcosm of the world. There’s good and bad; cooperation and chaos; predictable patterns and surprises every day - whether you’re running a distribution business, an e-commerce business, or you’re a manufacturer.

If you want to improve the productivity and performance of the warehouse and distribution center, operations must constantly improve and adopt innovations in the marketplace like adding direct to consumer order processing to warehouses that currently support retail orders and merging and expanding distribution channels through a single warehouse.

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Facility Labeling Options for Food Manufacturers

Business doesn't stop just because maintenance needs to be done. Learn how one food manufacturer ensured that equipment was well maintained by using labels for lines and machines.

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Raising the Bar on Tracking Products, People, Equipment

Healthcare Purchasing News Online

In this era of smartphones and near-ubiquitous online wireless access, HPN revisited some of the "back-to-basics" fundamentals for those either new to the game or needing quick updates on the latest developments potentially affecting their business.

We reached out to more than a dozen executive leaders at some of the leading bar-code, RFID and RTLS suppliers (like Barcoding, Inc.) for their insights and perspectives on a variety of salient issues. Here's what they shared with us.

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From the Beach to the Boardroom, Barcodes & Labels Keep Goods Moving

New Equipment Digest

Barcodes have come a long way since their roots in the neighborhood supermarkets in the 1930s.

From your traditional retail uses, to -60 degrees Celsius temperatures in laboratories, to checking the meals that are boarded on domestic and international flights - barcodes are omnipresent," said Alexis Arenas, Strategic Accounts Manager, Barcoding, Inc.

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Mobility Takes Logistics To The Next Level

Field Technologies Online

Dunbar Armored increased its IT spending from 10% to 25% to invest in a rugged handheld-based mobile bar-coding solution that has revamped its logistics operation.

Visibility is an important commodity for fleet operators, particularly those transporting valuable cargo for customers. Having a detailed view of where a truck is at any given time, when an expected delivery will arrive, and how long it took goods to move from point A to point B not only helps improve efficiency, but also security. That's especially true when the goods in question are the type of highvalue cargo - namely, bags of cash and other valuables - transported by Dunbar Armored.

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Intrinsically Safe Specifications

“Intrinsically Safe” (I-Safe) is a protection certification used to identify electronic equipment that is safe to use in explosive atmospheres. A device that is deemed “intrinsically safe” has been designed and certified to eliminate (or encapsulate) any components that produce sparks or heat that could ignite flammable gasses, dusts, or fuels present in an environment.

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PhyleTec WMS Solution Offers Accurate Inventory Control

PhyleTec is a modular, hosted WMS (Warehouse Management System) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System) rolled into one, designed specifically to help the distributor/manufacturer manage what is in the warehouse.

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Why You need to Plan for RFID Today

Currently RFID technology is capable of increasing efficiency, providing a high level of data integrity, lowering costs, delivering goods faster, increasing accuracy, and providing inventory visibility.

Widespread adoption of RFID has been limited due to cost, but each year costs and prices tend to decline consistently. The Catch-22 is that in order for considerable cost savings to occur, widespread adoption must take place. Yet the cost of RFID tags shouldn’t always influence the adoption of the technology.

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Get What You Need From Barcoding Technology

North Americans tend to believe that the newer the technology, the better it is. But that may not always be true.

Today barcoding technology is nothing new, and yet its use hasn’t diminished. In fact, barcoding equipment suppliers are consistently finding new ways to stay competitive in a technologically advanced market. But how can you decide what’s best for your company?

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Cycle Counting By Frequency

It is well understood that cycle counting is a key component of keeping an accurate count of your inventory. However, the latest innovation in inventory management is "cycle counting by frequency." Until now, most people relied on Pareto's rule of "80/20" - 20% of the inventory will likely represent 80% of the inventory's value. While most accountants will be happy with this way of cycle counting, it is very inefficient in the supply chain.

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Performing Physical Inventory Counts

Barcoding Inc. has various software and hardware solutions to help you conduct year-end inventory counts that will drastically reduce the time and effort it takes to perform them. As items cannot be added to or taken away from, your inventory as it is being counted, performing an inventory count in as little time as possible, while maintaining its integrity, is critical to keeping your business up and running.

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Reduce Tax Liability and Improve Cash Flow

Like most businesses, you allocate significant time, money, and resources into improving your business. If you’ve developed new products or made improvements to your products or your processes, you likely have incurred costs that qualify for the Federal Research and Development (R&D) tax credit. In addition, there have been recent developments surrounding R&D that are business-friendly; so now is a perfect time to let the experts at Clifton Gunderson perform a research and development review and find opportunities to reduce tax
liability and improve cash flow!

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